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The environment doesn’t determine why some companies thrive in chaos and why others don’t, but people do”– Jim Collins and Morten T.Hansen, authors of Great by choice.

For any company in the world, but especially in the BPO Industry, the most important assets are its people.

Fostering and creating an environment that encourages the expression of new ideas and innovation, a process for capturing and evaluating them, and finally sharing them across our organization is of prime focus for Collective Solution. Our objective has always been towards maximizing human capital – we see our success in the success of our people. It is vital to understand and we recognize that our success and growth will in turn, result in the growth of our clients.

Inbound Services

Our agents are fully trained in specific program functions of our clients. Depending on your specific business needs, they will serve as an extension of your business. <Read More

Outbound Services

With extensive experience in Outbound services, we offer resources, skill sets, technology and training to ensure that you achieve outstanding results. <Read More

Collection Services

Managing collections requires balancing efficiency and professionalism with sensitivity and care for your customers. Collective Solution enforces a compliant organization by regularly training all Collection Personnel in FDCPA rules and regulations. Our low cost solution replaces high cost internal Collection agents for 1st Party and 3rd Party Collections.<Read More

Lead Generation

CSI has been helping companies reach their revenue goals with dependable lead  generation programs. Our lead generation service encompasses many communication channels including web, voice, live chat, email and text messaging. The data we gather becomes critical in helping you understand your audience.  <Read More

Industry Leader in Outsourcing Solutions

Collective Solution Int’l operates a global network on a centralized platform with flexibility to respond to rapidly changing marketplace and meet our clients specifications. Our mission to reduce your operations expenses, increase cash flow and improve customers’ experience has been made clear with our established track record and proven business model.

We offer the technology and the expertise to improve your business operations, increasing your customer satisfaction, sales generation and payment collections. With established call centers in the Philippines and Honduras, CSI offers competitive outsourcing solutions that are affordable and reliable.

Latest News

At CSI, there’s always a lot going on and we want to share it with you. Stay connected with our organizational blog where you’ll find spotlights and latest news from our offices worldwide.

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