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Collective Solution implements the latest call routing technology which ensures that our clients enjoy the benefits of the most up-to-date call systems and reporting mechanisms with an option of PCI environment.

Customer Care

Businesses have long realized that focusing on core competencies is the key to reducing operational costs, delivering value and gaining a competitive advantage.

Collective Solution goes a step further. As your outsourcing partner, we take your customer care processes and turn them into profit-enhancing opportunities for you – while freeing your resources to focus on core competencies. Building and maintaining customer loyalty is the driving force behind every service. We can integrate with your existing customer database or provide our own solutions with first level customer services.

Overflow Call Management

Are you equipped to handle the typical spikes in volume that many call centers receive throughout the day? Is your abandoned call rate too high? Are your hold times longer than your customers will accept? Improve your customer service and increase efficiency in your call center by outsourcing your overflow call management to Collective Solution. This solution can improve call center efficiencies by allowing calls to overflow to Collective Solution when call volume exceeds your present capacity. This means you can take the peak off of “peak-times” during regular business hours, or eliminate the inefficiencies involved in staffing your call center after-hours. Simply put, you can maximize the utilization of your staff without worrying about long hold times and abandoned calls.

Our fully web-enabled call center can allow us to handle calls just as you do to minimize messages and data re-entry. Our data integration team can also integrate directly into our clients’ computers and data sources.

We can provide seamless business process integration between our call center and our clients’ regular business operations to become a fully functional extension of your Call Center. Call now to find out how you can save time and money by outsourcing with Collective Solution.

One Call Resolution

Everyone in the customer service and call center industry knows that “one-call resolution” is the quintessential driver of customer satisfaction. It doesn’t matter how friendly, personable or courteous you are with the customer. If you don’t resolve the customer’s issue(s) the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty is going to be diminished! At Collective Solution we strive to achieve that goal of getting it done right the first time, so there is a limited amount of return calls. We work with our partners to achieve the goal of this through extensive and continual training.

Appointment Scheduling

When companies need someone to take the unappreciated task of being able to schedule appointments, there is that necessary cost involved. At Collective Solution we can staff to the needs of the business to set up a cost effective and economical way of giving your customers the time frame they need.

Help Desk/Tech Support

Ranging from help desk, desktop services, and mobile device support to rollouts, migrations, data protection, managed hosting, network monitoring and more, we concentrate on what is important to you, your systems, and your team. Collective Solution can customize to your needs, with your expected service levels with quality, fast and professional people.


Collective Solution with its Sister Company CTI provides 24 hour web enabled high volume telephone customer service representatives who take inbound calls from consumers responding to advertised offers on network and cable television, internet, newspaper, and direct mailings.

CSI Dynamic and redundant infrastructure helps you avoid the pitfalls of busy signals, dropped calls, and poorly trained customer service representatives. We have various skill based routing for customer service representatives to fully customize a solution for your direct response or infomercial campaign.
Whether you are using short form or long form CSI state of the art infrastructure ensures that you do not miss calls. When you miss calls you lose valuable revenue.

Order Management

Collective solution Order Management allows you to track cross-channel and cross-brand transactions for both individual customers and large business accounts. By providing insight into inventory and activities across the enterprise, customer service representatives always have the latest information at their fingertips. Contact Center & Order Management provides:

  • Customer profile management
  • Case and task management
  • Order lifecycle management
  • Automatic escalation trees and alerts
  • Returns management (credit or exchange)
  • Cross-channel inventory availability
  • Detailed product, cross-sell and up-sell information

You have worked hard to build your brand and a loyal customer base and we do everything in our power to make sure it stays that way.



Conference & Seminar Registration

During the registration process, attendees often have questions regarding, price, parking, accommodations, class size, etc. We work with you to develop the appropriate dynamic scripting for each event in order to fulfill the registration process and answer caller questions. We combine Internet technology with our internal staff to ensure you will not miss a call. We sound so much like you, callers won’t know that they have reached an outside service.

Our Seminar, Conference, and Event Registration Call Center can handle many applications, including but not limited to:

• Capturing and confirming reservations from registrants.
• Online interactive calendar appointment scheduling
• Customizing dynamic scripting to best represent your organization and event.
• Maintaining attendee data bases.
• Providing timely and detailed reporting daily, weekly, or monthly.
• Seamlessly integrating with your proprietary company data bases and/or software.
• Providing advertising response

Let us assist you for your next event!

Live Web Chat

This is a great tool for any business with a website. When people visit your website, they are looking for immediate answers and attention. In the web world, a website visitor is equivalent to a telephone call. With live web chat services, a customer is engaged on your website for longer giving them an opportunity to get questions answered in real time without placing a telephone call. Live Chat Services also increase your customer service relationships as well as enhancing any visitors experience on your website.

By having Live web Chat on your site, you have an edge over your competition. We are able to embed and monitor a live web chat module on your website. Our employees will learn about your company, answer product and service questions, and even instantly transfer files and documents to visitors and automatically change website pages on the visitors computer browser to take them to a particular page within your website.

Integrating live web chat into your website is easy. It is usually a button somewhere on a web page where a website visitor clicks to access a live customer service representative. That means they will have their requests answered in real time without using a telephone or email. This option can improve both sales and customer service in your business. We offer our clients an easy way to integrate this tool into your website and provide operators to manage requests 24/7/365. We will help your visitors by answering questions, providing information about products, and processing orders.

There are many benefits to having Live web Chat on your website. First, live web chat can increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction by providing an around the clock customer service avenue. Live chat can also reduce your customer interaction costs. By not managing telephone calls and customer service calls yourself; you can focus more time and energy into growing your business.

With live web chat, our trained representatives will monitor your web site 24 hours a day. You will be able to offer superior customer communication and customer service to your website visitors. People who visit your website are often looking for immediate answers to questions, and live web chat can offer that. With a small monthly investment, live web chat can offer a stronger company image and increased sales.

Catalog Order Taking

We save you from time-consuming order taking to give you more time to do what you do best. We have over 10 years of call center experience, so you can count on us to do things right. Our operators are highly skilled. Our equipment is high tech. Our commitment is professionalism every step of the way.

Bilingual Support

The sharp rise in the Latino community in the US has increased the need for Spanish language Customer Service Support. There is a steep demand for bilingual employees in all industries – healthcare, education, finance, sale and marketing. Employees with knowledge of English and Spanish are sought after. Since the world has become a global village using the vehicle of internet, it’s very important for the businesses to target customers from all over the world. It would mean to be well versed in their language. CSI has bilingual specialists for answering services and order taking too.

Upsell / Cross Sell Support

Cross-selling and up-selling are established methods of improving your sales and increasing customer loyalty. Up-selling is the practice of offering customers a product in addition to the product they are currently purchasing. Cross-selling refers to selling items that are related or can be integrated with the item being sold. Both techniques can increase sales volume and provide a valuable service to your customers.

CSI believes customer care and contact centers fail to put into practice the cross-selling and up-selling basics during their customer interaction. This is the main reason why most call centers are found to struggle to get maximum return from their given investment.

CSI  focuses on the fact that up-selling and cross-selling should be a must followed principle in the call centers. This is because cross-selling and up-selling services are a proven strategy to get a much better ROI.

Customer Retention

Most companies are often neglecting customer retention. Even when companies are successful at sales, when customer care and customer retention are ignored, failure is inevitable. While many call centers have a philosophy or increasing their clients business through sales, ours focuses on customer care and retention also. We believe that every contact a company has with a customer is an opportunity for that company to build upon. So at CSI Call Center, we stress customer care which in turn stresses customer retention.