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Collective Solution has been helping companies reach their revenue goals with dependable customer service and lead generation programs for over 13 years. By offering integrated lead generation services, we help you generate the leads you need to succeed. When we partner with you, we address your unique customer needs and become an extension of your sales force. Our advanced Lead Generation technology is used to:

  • Drive traffic with inbound and outbound lead generations programs
  • Measure the lead quality with automated scoring system based on multiple dimensions
  • Develop new inquiries into sales-ready leads using personalized lead nurturing campaigns

Benefits of an outsourced lead generation department

  • Avoid the Costs (and hassle) of hiring, training and retraining of agents by using a trained and qualified self- sustaining lead generation department.
  • Robust Outbound Strategy: An outsourced lead generation team can serve to supplement any existing inbound effort (with outbound tactics) to drive revenue and build a valuable pipeline.
  • Beyond Selling: All of our agents undergo a specialized training (are trained specifically on a product or service) to go beyond selling a product. Agents engage in real conversations with your prospects to get real time feedback into your target market to generate the highest quality of leads possible