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Market Research

Marketing Campaign Follow-Up


Trade Show Follow- Up

Predictive Agent Staffing

With exceptional experience in Outbound services, we offer resources, skill sets, technology and training to ensure that you achieve outstanding results. Our programs include:

Appointment Setting

In today’s world there are few businesses that don’t use telemarketing for setting appointments. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses – all use an appointment setting companies to save on time and resources. Collective Solution can give you that face-to-face meeting. .You will have the decision maker’s undivided attention! There is nothing that generates more impact and nothing more powerful than a direct face-to-face meeting with a potential customer.

Sales & Promotion Announcements

Needing to let your customers know of an upcoming sales event or promoting a certain item. Our telemarketing to an established customer base can improve your outreach to your most important clients and improved sales. We have the qualified staff that can do that for you and at a cost that would fit your budget.

Market Research

We design customized research programs to meet the goals and objectives of our clients. Our innovative brand of applied research and evaluation enables clients to understand their key audiences. Want to know what your customer base is wanting or thinking? Now you can!

Marketing Campaign Follow- Up

Have a new product you want to get the word out on? We can do the necessary calling to your database to provide you the sales numbers you require for success!


Charity or School events that need constant calling to raise funds for, we can be your solution. Staffed with our experienced agents, we can provide a campaign for you to get the necessary funds needed.

Trade Show Follow- Up

After attending a trade show you want to make sure the leads you have generated get followed up on. We can do that for you and to help ensure your trade show full success.

Predictive Agent Staffing & Intelligent Call Routing Solutions

Collective Solution uses the most up to date predictive dialing system available. We can give you those necessary reports and statistics that you need to guarantee growth in your company.