Customer Acquisitions (Low)

Customer Acquisitions

The cycle of customer acquisitions works like this: either by advertising or developing a profile, your business creates prospects. Your sales team, whether in-house or outsourced is then responsible for turning those prospects into customers. Thanks to your business’ awesome service and excellent products, those new customers become repeat customers. They tell their friends and your business grows through word of mouth. The trickiest part of that cycle? Customer acquisitions.

Leading Customers to a ‘Yes’

Your customer acquisitions team has to be designed to do two things – they have to know how to make initial contact with your customers and even more importantly, they have to be able to connect with those customers. It’s this ability to develop five minute relationships that will turn a first contact into a sale. By outsourcing your customer acquisition process to a team like the one at Collective Solution (CS), you’re guaranteeing the best chance at turning a prospect into a “Yes” and that’s the purpose of a customer service solution – whether inbound or outbound calling, it’s all about leading a prospect to that pivotal “Yes” that turns them into a lifetime customer.

Working Business to Business

When you’re building your business, your relationships with other businesses will play a key role. Whether you’re selling directly to these businesses or just trying to form partnerships, it’s these relationships that will form the backbone of your success. When it comes to acquiring a new business client, there are three keys to success. First, your customer acquisition team needs to be able to generate the proper lead – they need to create a customer profile and find a good match. Then, they need to be able to nurture that relationship – whether this happens over the course of a few weeks or throughout a single phone call. Finally, once the sale is made, they need to ensure great customer service in order to retain the customer.

How You Communicate Matters

Different industries communicate in different ways, so when you choose a customer acquisitions solution such as Collective Solution, you need to ensure that they’re open to using any method of communication. This could mean telemarketing, sending faxes, email blasts or tweeting on Twitter. If you want to successfully build your customer base, you have to be ready to talk to your customers in the way they’re used to.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Acquisitions

Before you commit to outsourcing your customer acquisitions team, you need to consider the drawbacks and benefits. The drawbacks? If you select the wrong company, it could damage your brand in the eyes of your customers.

However, if you do your due diligence and select a quality company like Collective Solution, you’re customer base will start to grow exponentially. You’ll be able to improve profitability while simultaneously increasing your market share. Existing customer relationships will become stronger through a customer retention program built to develop increased loyalty. Better yet, when you outsource, your customer acquisitions team becomes scalable – which means that when times are good, you can invest in customer acquisitions and grow your business at an accelerated rate.

Your Outsourced Solution Works for You

Never forget that the proper customer acquisitions team should be focused on developing positive relationships with customers, regardless of language or culture. A team like the one at Collective Solution will track down prospects, turn them into new customers and consistently build your customer base.


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