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Experience the Difference

When you consider working with Collective Solution, you’re considering something different. You’re not willing to settle for an average partnership – you want the best. Collective Solution is founded on a series of principles designed to separate us from the pack.

Industry Leadership

We’re not content to follow in the footsteps of other customer service solutions – instead, we’re constantly developing leaders within our own office. These leaders go on to become some of the most noted individuals in the industry. We’re constantly finding ways to improve the customer relationship cycle which means we’re better at both attracting and retaining your existing customer base. Our leaders develop new and advanced tactics and it’s through the execution of those tactics that Collective Solution is changing the customer service industry.

Get Innovative

A key part of innovation is the ability to attract the very best to your team. Once those people are on your team, you need to empower them to develop new solutions and tactics. These advanced tactics can lead to unprecedented success. By using next-generation technology, we develop our own blueprint instead of simply following someone else’s. As an extension of your brand, we see it as our responsibility to constantly be innovating which keeps you and your business on the cutting edge of customer service.

High Security

At Collective Solution, we’re nothing if not committed to security and privacy – both yours and your customers’. We offer the latest in both call recording capabilities and formal compliance dashboards. This ensures that we know exactly what we can and can’t do, what we can and can’t offer your customers. Our quality assurance dashboard allows us to constantly focus on giving your customers the best experience possible. In addition, we only allow restricted access to our hardware network which means your data is protected. Our team of experts is active in developing new security protocols and training our staff to follow those protocols. While times change, we remain prepared.

Consistent Results

When you hire Collective Solution, you’re getting extra effort put into your customer service platform every day. Whether we’re handling inbound requests, making outbound sales or dealing with customer complaints, you’re going to get our team’s very best effort. Our staff is low-turnover which means that whenever your customer picks up the phone, they’re talking to a well-trained individual who understands your product intimately. We’re not looking for one and done services; our goal is to build and develop long-term relationships with our clients.


Your reputation matters to us. We know that when you outsource part of your customer service, you’re taking a risk. We recognize that we’re an extension of your brand and business and we’ll bring the same care to ensuring your brand’s success as you do. Imagine the great things we can do for your reputation.

Collective Solution

You’re a single phone call away from successfully outsourcing your customer service to our team of experts. Give us a call today and let us explain how we can use our core principles to enhance your brand, improve your sales and build your business.

One call. One solution.


Los Angeles Headquarters: 2930 Westwood Blvd Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA, 90064 (310) 362-7203