Foundation of a Rapid Ramp Up – Outsourcing 101

Every business has seasons where they’re busy and seasons where they’re not. Retail stores are packed during the holiday season. Hotels in resort towns know they’ll be packed during the summer. And tax accountants? They’re going to be pulling their hair out every spring. The key to quality customer service during your busy season is to have the ability to ramp up quickly – you need to be able to snap your fingers and be ready to go. That’s why you should consider applying a counter-seasonal call center strategy, as recommended by Collective Solution.

The Counter-Seasonal Call Center Strategy

First, note that this strategy is for seasonal businesses in particular. To apply this strategy, you need to outsource your call center work to a call center that doesn’t have many accounts in your industry. Essentially, you want their inbound call volume to be low during your busy period as this means you’ll get the benefit of the call center’s best agents. Of course, you could always maintain your own call center to deal with the busy times but that comes with several disadvantages.

The Problem With Your Own Call Center

For a seasonal business, you probably only need a full call center for three or four months out of the year. If you build your own private call center, you’re essentially paying the cost of 12 months of infrastructure for 3 months of work. You have to license software, develop the facilities and hire new employees. Your already overworked IT department will end up further in the hole. Essentially, you end up building a new call center every single year.

The Staff Problem

Developing any kind of new program comes with staffing issues. When you build your own call center, you’re going to have to place ads in the classifieds and find qualified people to fill the positions. You’ll have to train these people – and you’ll have to do it fast. As you won’t have enough call center work for year round employment, you’re bound to hire new agents to represent your brand and these agents might not be up to the task. By the time you find this out, it’ll be too late.

The Counter-Seasonal Call Center Advantage

When you deploy the counter-seasonal call center solution, you’re not wasting infrastructure for 9 months of the year. You also don’t have to worry about staffing or retraining agents every busy season. Instead, you get a cost-effective operation that’s already working at high efficiency. You can even negotiate a flat rate so you know exactly how much it’s going to cost.

A Rapid Ramp Up

The flexibility of the counter-seasonal call center strategy allows you to ramp things up rapidly. If you notice you’re getting busy a few weeks earlier than expected, you can deal with that easily rather than scrambling to find additional employees. Thanks to outsourcing your call center service, you’ll end up with a dedicated year-round staff on your side – you’re getting the best call center agents possible.

It’s About Focus

The less time you spend worrying about your call center solution, the more time you can spend focusing on doing whatever it is that makes your business great. By using a counter-seasonal call center strategy, you can build a rapid ramp up foundation for your business.


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