Outsourcing Collections Pivoted to Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for any business but it is especially vital for healthcare organizations due to the generation of competition dominating the industry. Collections and billing can be a source of frustration for every stakeholder involved – from the healthcare organization to the end consumer especially if those exhausted employees end up making crucial mistakes.

Prioritizing Collections without Compromising on Sensitivity

Most healthcare organizations are saddled with overly burdened employees who do not have the time to be sensitive and efficient when it comes to billing and collections. They have a huge workload that is often left untouched for extended periods of time, thanks to the sheer number of tasks they are expected to undertake in a single workday. This has a devastating effect on two levels:

  • Your employees will be unhappy because of their enormous workload and might lead them to look for more promising jobs elsewhere.
  • Your customers are frustrated by the apathy of your staff and may look at your competitors for future healthcare needs.

Both these scenarios can trigger loss of business and profits for you. The trick is to cultivate a more dedicated billing and collections strategy by determining every situation on its own merit but this is tedious for healthcare professionals.

Outsourcing companies can play a vital role in helping organizations make the changes they need by prioritizing billing and collections without compromising on sensitivity and business efficiency. They often come with advanced tools to ensure that your billing and collections department increases debt recovery in a compassionate manner. They also have the ability to analyze industry trends and implement new strategies to maximize your collections through focused customer interaction – an action that your employees simply do not have the bandwidth to handle.

Scrutinizing Unpaid Debt for the Long-Term

Many healthcare organizations offer discounts and payment plans to patients and customers who are facing financial difficulties. This is an excellent way to retain customer’s loyalty because they should not be denied with good healthcare. Often enough, poor billing and collections practices of healthcare organizations trigger some fundamental mistakes:

  • Incorrect billing discrepancy for customers is either too high or too low.
  • Failure to properly scrutinize unpaid debt in the long-term leads to financial losses.

Some customers who need payment plans and discounts may become solvent again after a little while. However, healthcare organizations do not have the capability to monitor these situations closely.

An outsourced billing and collections department will keep track of the debtor accounts so that they could follow up for unpaid expenses when the financial situation of the customers improves. This level of sensitivity and care ensures that financially constrained patients are not unnecessarily harassed for making payments. Follow-ups are typically undertaken once customers are in a better financial position to make payments which will ultimately make them jubilant and will entrust their business with your healthcare organization again. With billing and collections outsourcing in place with the right partner, you would not have to worry about hiring unscrupulous collection agents who might end up damaging the reputation of your healthcare business.

Collective Solution (CS) is a full-service outsourcing provider with a key focus on billing and collections to help your healthcare business stay ahead of the competition. We aim to reduce your operational expenses by utilizing centralized platforms that can respond in real time to changing situations. Find out how we can boost the efficiency of your billing and collections department.


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