Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is extremely important when you are outsourcing important work to other company. Collective Solution (CS) aims to provide you with peace of mind and we set firm policies in place for our own regulatory compliance. We set the bar high for all such businesses as we seek to exceed all expectations for compliance to protect your best interests, your business and your customers. Having the highest standards for regulatory compliance is part of the way we do business and that’s part of the reasons why we have a consistently strong reputation in the industry.

Being Licensed and Bonded

As an indication of our own commitment to compliance, Collective Solution is licensed and bonded. We strive to exceed traditional regulatory standards. We do this by researching, learning and evaluating the current laws. Additionally, we evaluate our technology, procedures, processes, systems and regular actions to make sure that we are complying with laws on every level. We take local area laws seriously in the same way that we comply with state and federal laws. Our trained compliance team knows the value of staying on top of changes and developing a deep understanding of the debt collection climate and laws.

Controls that Set the Standard

The compliance team at Collective Solution has its technology and offices audited by third-party professionals that we seek to help ensure that we are fully complying with laws. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard and accept nothing less than firm control of data security for your business as well as your customers. Our actions are among the very best in the accounts receivable management industry.

Regulatory Standards

Collective Solution hires and trains employees who gain an in-depth knowledge of regulatory standards in order to help us exceed them. We have a compliance team that looks at the systems, actions, safeguards, technology, processes and rules that we have in place to make sure that they are all in line with local, state and federal laws.

Data Security Standards

Data security is an aspect of regulatory compliance that we take very seriously too. We hold ourselves to the PCI Data Security Standards to make sure that payment data remains protected at all times. Having this compliance however means that we meet a variety of set, strict operational requirements as well as technical compliance. Payment transactions are held to a strong security standard and it’s something that you can show customers to demonstrate the commitment of the services you use for their protection.

The Ongoing Process

Regulatory compliance is something that inevitably requires a business to be constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of national laws, state laws and local laws. The staff members must have expertise to go beyond a blanket understanding of legal changes in order to implement changes, maintain high standards and continue to improve the way that business is done.

Finally, keep in mind that Collective Solution is on the cutting edge when it comes to compliance management. Rather than worrying about meeting all local, state and federal regulations, we are proactive in learning about them and exceeding all outlined expectations for our compliance to them. We do that because we take protecting our clients seriously. The protection of your business is what our business is all about. We happily and voluntarily audit our processes to ensure our ongoing compliance with all local, state and federal laws.


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