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Top 4 Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction

A key to your success as a contact center quality assurance provider is improving your customer interaction and satisfaction. Contact center managers need to focus their daily activities and goals around three big objectives. First, they need to work towards improving customer retention through improved satisfaction. They also need to increase revenue through cross-selling or up-selling. And, they have the goal of reducing overall expenses and costs. How do you achieve improvement in these areas, specifically in the area of customer-focused improvement?

Quality Assurance has to be at the Forefront

At the heart of any successful contact center is a focus on quality assurance. However, this cannot be the traditional, back-end, secondary-thought process. Rather, you need an active and ongoing method for monitoring quality assurance at the heart of your operations. It’s a fundamental component of your success (or even of your lack of it). When you have a comprehensive quality assurance program in place, you have a complete look at what is happening, you can spot trends as they occur and you can analyze customer behavior right away.

Voice monitoring is a secondary component of this process. It allows for you to understand what your agents are actually communicating to the customer. And, it allows you to capture their response. But, having these tools only provides a way for you to gauge what’s happening. What can you do to improve upon it?

4 Key Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction

As noted, having a quality assurance and voice monitoring system in place is at the heart of your customer-centered success. But, with it in place, you’ll need to focus on these key areas for improvement.

#1: Build your business around a simple concept: your customer is always right. Every investment and task completed must benefit the customer. By improving your agents’ point of view and ensuring it is customer-focused, your benefit your business through reduced transfers, improved self-service and first call resolutions.

#2: Focus on simplicity. Provide easy access for your customers. Make sure every question and step is customer focused. Utilize market intelligence to learn what you can do better.

#3: Create a positive company culture. At the heart of your business must be a customer-centric culture. It’s important to have a positive employee structure but you also need to train employees that the customer is the priority when handling engagements. Real-time monitoring can help you know where your culture is and how on-point your employees are on meeting your expectations.

#4: Always develop and utilize performance measurement. The key here is to set specific guidelines and then use your monitoring tools for assessments. You’ll want to provide meaningful, beneficial feedback to your employees and agents on an ongoing basis. That way, they can continue to work towards improving their abilities and that helps to improve your revenue in the long term. Performance measurements and assessments are at the heart of business success.

Securing the Right Foundation Now

At Collective Solution, it’s possible to gather the tools you need to get the answers your business demands. With dedicated quality teams and performance management tools at your fingertips, you can achieve more of what you need to create that customer-centric focus. Improving customer satisfaction starts with the right quality assurance and monitoring tools followed by these key areas of proven management strategy.


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