Intelligent Queuing

Customizable Routing Strategies

IVR Prompts

VoIP Call Delivery

Remote Agent Support

IP Phone with Multiple Features

Call Monitoring & Call Recording


Automated Outbound Dialing

Advanced IVR Database Access

Synchronized Screen Pop

Softphone with Full Telephone Feature Control

Dynamic Agent Scripting

CRM Integration


Collective Solution has taken all precautions to insure 99.99% uptime for its client. At every point of possible failure we have created redundancies to insure maximum up time.

With two data centers in Los Angeles and Wyoming, Redundant Firewalls and PBX switches, redundant international lease lines and around the clock Cisco certified technicians on our staff, we are able to guarantee the highest uptime and voice quality in the industry.

Our IT Capabilities:

  • Intelligent queuing with music on hold and voice message routing
  • Customizable routing strategies, including skills-based, conditional, and network load balancing
  • IVR prompts
  • Cost-effective VoIP call delivery over the public network or, optionally, a dedicated data circuit
  • Remote agent support
  • IP phone with hold, transfer, conference, and outbound direct-dial features
  • Optional call monitoring and call recording
  • CTI
  • Automated outbound dialing
  • Advanced IVR database access for self-service and data-directed call routing
  • Synchronized screen pop
  • Agent softphone with full telephone feature control, including transfer and conference with shared data screens
  • Dynamic agent scripting with conditional branching
  • CRM integration
  • FCC/FTC-compliant outbound campaign management, including:
  1. Multiple calling campaigns and agent assignments
  2. Customizable list management
  3. Import feature for list creation
  4. Outbound screen pop